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We specialise in offering thorough and comprehensive glazing assessments that not only ensure compliance but also enhance the safety and performance of your commercial spaces. Our assessments are meticulously designed to align with the National Construction Code (NCC), Australian Standards AS/NZS2208 and Australian Glazing Standards AS1288:2021, guaranteeing the utmost quality and reliability.

Our assessment scope encompasses a wide range of critical factors, including glass coverage, extrusion application, extrusion drainage compliance, sealing applications, and precise glass meterage and thickness measurements.

Upon completing the assessment, our dedicated team compiles a comprehensive and robust report. This report is not just a document; it's a powerful tool to support your business case proposal for capital expenditure programs. With our detailed insights and recommendations, you'll be well-equipped to make informed decisions that drive your business forward.


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Colourful glass windows in a modern building interior with pink, green, yellow, and blue panels


Explore Versatile Custom Glass Solutions at Imperial Glass Imperial

Imperial Glass goes beyond the ordinary, providing a wide range of custom glass types to elevate your commercial space. From toughened glass, laminated glass, and heat-strengthened glass to specialised options like solar-reflective, energy- efficient, low iron, tinted, coloured printed, and painted glass, we cater to every need.


Our expertise extends to architectural and engineered glass structures, custom curved panels, double-glazed panes, and bespoke glass canopy panels. Experience the pinnacle of craftsmanship with Imperial Glass.

Innovative Digital Glass Imaging Solutions for Architects and Commercial Spaces


Explore the forefront of glass innovation tailored for architects and commercial sectors with Imperial Glass's digital imaging technology.


Digital imaging on glass offers architects and designers unparalleled design possibilities. This cutting-edge technology enables the imprinting of intricate patterns, captivating images, or corporate branding directly onto glass panels, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of commercial environments.


Imperial Glass ensures that all Digital Imaged glass meets the rigorous AS/NZ 2208 Grade A Safety Glass Standards, providing both style and security for architectural projects.


From modern balustrades to captivating building facades and inviting foyers, digital imaging on glass offers unparalleled versatility for a variety of commercial applications. Architects can seamlessly integrate this innovative solution into elevators and other architectural elements to create captivating visual experiences.


Moreover, the digital printing process ensures precise replication, allowing for seamless panel replacement in case of damage without compromising the integrity of the design.


Elevate your architectural designs and transform commercial spaces with Imperial Glass's digital imaging solutions, where innovation meets functionality with stunning results.


Photo of interior view of a building with glass walls featuring a digital image of trees
Close-up view of a double glazed window

• Noise reduction

• Thermal comfort

• Cost savings

• Energy efficiency

• Security

Imperial Glass can assist with all your Double-glazing needs for all your windows and doors. Double Glazing helps to support heating and cooling efficiency to your property. Double glazing is where two pieces of glass are fitted together with a space between them. The space between the two sheets is what creates the barrier providing the best protection from the harsh Australian elements.


Imperial Glass offers a large range of balustrade styles, all manufactured to AS1288 Australian Standards and to meet BCA requirements. Design your next project with options of Frameless, Post and Point fixed balustrades.


Glass balustrades have surged in popularity among contemporary remodels, and business establishments, prized for their added value and sleek aesthetic. Incorporating them into your living space preserves panoramic vistas, fosters the perception of expanded roominess while prioritizing safety and protection. Mindful selection of a glass balustrade system is paramount, weighing factors such as style, craftsmanship, and longevity. Our commitment lies in sourcing AS1288 Australian Standard safety glass, rigorously vetted to endure the most challenging maritime conditions.


Interior of a modern building with glass balustrades and large windows
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