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Workers using cranes and lifts to install glass on a pedestrian bridge


Selecting the right glass for a building not only enhances its aesthetics and functionality, but also contributes to lowering energy expenses over the long term. Whether you need glass for shop façades, doors, windows, shower screens or another building application, Imperial Glass can help you find the right glass.


Icon of toughened glass with a hammer


Frosted / Obscure Glass

Icon of frosted or obscure glass

Patterned Glass

Icon of patterned glass
Icon of float glass

Float Glass 

Icon of insulated or double glazed units (DGU)

Insulated / Double Glazed Units (DGU)

Laminated Glass

Icon of laminated glass

Security Glass / Ballistic Glass

Icon of security glass or ballistic glass with a bulletproof vest
Icon of heat strengthened glass

Heat Strengthened Glass

Mirrored Glass

Icon of mirrored glass
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