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Person peeling off anti-graffiti film from a window


Experience the benefits of window film installation at Imperial Glass, where our expert team ensures superior protection and energy efficiency for your home or office. Choose Imperial Glass for enhanced privacy and comfort, all backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Graffiti film protects surfaces from paint, key scratches, marking, and even acid-etching

• Special adhesive allows for easy removal and replacement when vandalised

• Protects people and property from damaging UV rays


Icon of anti-graffiti film with spray paint can

Anti-Graffiti Film

Frosted Film

Icon of frosted film

Solar Film

Icon of solar film with a sun symbol
Icon of security film with a padlock

Security film

Icon of tinted film

Tinted film


Icon of decals

Glass signage

Icon of glass signage

Need window film installed?

Person peeling off anti-graffiti film from a window
Person applying frosted film to a window
Person applying solar film to a window
Person installing a tinted film on a glass window
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