Custom Glass Replacement Solutions in Perth

Do you have a particular design in mind? Need to replace a unique piece of glass?

Want to have a glass wall? Want or need an unusual shaped glass or mirror panel? Glass canopy’s, coloured splashback panels, slumped glass designs or custom shower screens.
Worry no more! Imperial Glass is here to attend to your needs as far as glass is concerned. We will do our best to provide you with excellent and quality service – a GLASSIC work of art!

custom made glass replacement perthcustom glass solutions 

Glass Options for your custom project:

Glass is not just one thing. These days there is a huge variety of glass used for construction and design features from glass thickness to glass edging and of course glass types. Our custom glass can be altered to fit your particular project. We can source, manufacture and install all your custom glass requirements. Imperial Glass of Perth, WA has the experience to help with all your specialty glass and custom glass needs.

We have a wide array of glass replacement and cutting services to choose; from Mirrors, Splashbacks, Table Tops, Coloured glass, and the exciting Digital Imaging on glass.
Our talented team of experts can tackle almost any glass job you have in mind and deliver high-quality service that you truly deserve.
Here at Imperial Glass, we are fully committed to quality, and that is to provide you – our customers, with products that are durable and made from the finest materials that you can rely on for a longer period.

Digital Imaging on glass. Wow, the options are endless, But what exactly is it? It’s the latest innovation in the glass industry. It can create a unique aesthetic, giving artistic freedom to create limitless possibilities.Imagine having your favourite image digitally imprinted onto a glass panel. Sounds great right? It is also great for marketing and getting that wow factor for your home or any business application.

In today’s modern world, manufacturing glass has evolved substantially towards a fast phased approach to innovation. All Digital Imaged glass supplied by Imperial Glass meets the AS/NZ 2208 Grade A Safety Glass Standards; it makes an ideal choice for just about any application including bar fronts, splashbacks, balustrades, shower screens, lift interiors & building facades.
Another benefit of this unique glass product is that if a panel is ever damaged, it can be replaced with an exactly matching panel due to the digital printing process. Allow our team of glass specialists to handle all your glass replacement and repair needs!

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